Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, we have officially ended day 1 of detox.
It wasn't easy.
It was pretty.
It definitley wasn't quiet.
But Mancub is asleep ... without a paci.

Its been his source of comfort for over two years.
It's also been his security, when we're at church or in crowds.
My heart kinds hurts for him about that fact ...
his "security blanket" has been taken away.
He doesn't do well with crowds.

But, the decision has been made, and it's now a done-deal.
No going back. No hidden pacis in my purse.
No emergency ones in the truck.
They're gone. And it'll be fine. We'll all live.
And when the next baby comes, I'm gonna give them a paci as well.
That's just how we roll :)

For old-time sake, here's a few pics with his paci ...


  1. awe I know it must break your heart just as much.

  2. Thanks Steph!
    Tosh, it does break my heart! Thankfully he's done amazing. I'm crossing my fingers it stays this easy!

  3. The double-barrel paci made me smile.