Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Challenge

My friend over at A Life Defined
put out a challenge a couple weeks ago.
I'm a little late on taking
the "challenge", but I'm doing it now.
Better late than never right!?

Here's the challenge:
Write a blog
(that people actually want to read)
for 7, yes 7, days in a row.

Can I do it?
I don't know.
I'm starting ...
fully intending to finish.

Want to join in on the challenge?
If you are, let me know.
That way if you finish or fail,
at least we're doing it together!

Also, since I'm coming up on my 100th post,
I'll be having a giveaway at the end of this "challenge".
You'll hear more about that later this week.

Ready ...  set ... CHALLENGE ON!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What's On Your Shelf?

I thought it was funny when I looked
at our nightstands today.

Can you tell which shelf belongs to Cory
and which one belongs to me?

And just in case you want
a closer look at what he's reading:
(He was reading "It" by Craig Groeschel
tonight, so it's not on the shelf)

And here's mine:

So, what's on your shelf?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allergic To Boys

After dinner we were driving down
the road and saw a billboard that said:

Are you the one?
(then a picture of a teenagers face)
Stop the spread of STD's.

As we see this, Autumn says:
"What's STD's?"

My response:
"It's a disease"

"What kind of disease?"

"The kind you get from kissing."

"Kissing, like, your mom and dad?"

Daddy chimed in:
"No, like anyone that isn't your mom or dad".

"That's so weird that your body just
knows it isn't your mom or dad."

As I'm holding in my laughter,
Daddy holds it together enough to come up with this:
"Well, you know how your body is allergic to certain things .... that's kind of how your body works. Sometimes it just KNOWS stuff. It reacts different ways to different things. So a disease is like a reaction in a way. "

"Hmm. I wonder how when you get married
.... your body just knows it's okay to kiss.

After another minute she comes up with this .... hearfelt and as serious as can be:
"Do you think it's the wedding gown?
Does it have something in it that makes you
not allergic to your husband?"

By this time we are home and I am SO thankful.
I'm gonna keep praying she thinks
you are "allergic" to boys until you get married.
That would be awesome!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp 2010

After a week of camp with teenagers,
I realized that 30 does more
than just add a number to your age.
It kicks your butt!

But, we are back among
the land of the living!

Here's a few pics of our week.
We had an amazing time.
I believe lived were changed and transformed.
I can't wait to see what is to come!

Our Green Girls
The Green Team - Game Faces
Teaching Ninja to other campers.
Gotta love our kids for bringing some games!
The Camp Interns for the week.
They served with some really big hearts!