Friday, February 20, 2015

Bring Home Baby Henderson

I haven’t talked much about my surgery last November.

It’s probably because for once in my life I was getting all my words out on one person. Poor husband J
You might know I had some ovarian cysts mid-year 2014, and one ruptured in September, sending me on my second ever ambulance ride. (Sorry about scaring the neighbor friends who run at 2 am … who does that?!)

My husband, my parents and my pastors wife all sat in the waiting room late November while my surgery was happening to correct the cysts and take care of my endometriosis. They all got the news before I did, but the Lord knew they needed to hear it first so they could be praying for it to fall softly on my ears.

They all gave me the truth, in super soft terms. But I chose to go to my post-op appointment alone. It had been an emotional ride, and I wanted to do this appointment alone. They all got the 100% scoop. And they had filled me in, but I needed to hear it one more time from my doctor.

As I sat across from Doctor B in the room, she said in no uncertain terms that due to what she found during surgery on my ovaries, she was not only not comfortable removing it, she was not capable. We could go to some specialist in Atlanta to have them try to remove it: It’s where they TEACH how to do laparoscopic surgery. Cool, right?! Yeah, kind of. It just meant it was really, really bad. She then showed me the pictures I had seen already from my husband. My sweet little ovary was entirely covered with endometriosis and had attached so well, it wouldn’t lift off.

Now, I KNOW Doctor B was speaking English during all of this.
But I was hearing another language.

Quickly, If you don’t know our story, then here’s the best recap I can attempt:  We had our surprise named Autumn out of the clear blue sky right after our first anniversary. Then we tried for another baby for 6 years. That 6 years didn’t come without two miscarriages, sleepless nights, crying in the shower and working through bitterness towards God. Now that our Miracle Mancub is 7 years old, it’s hard to believe that we’ve lost one more baby since he entered the world and we’ve longed for another one for what seems like forever. I won’t go into the infertility treatments, the amount of negative pregnancy tests, the explaining to your 9 year old that Mommy “lost the baby”, the fasting and prayer that has gone into this longing in our family.

Oh yeah, back to that foreign language I was hearing.

I was just hearing the Father speak and it was a language that was settling deep within my soul, from conversations we had been circling around for over a year. A language that said, “It’s Time.” Deep in my heart and my soul, as Doctor B was speaking, my heart was settling. I left and I cried. I cried hard in that parking lot. Not because I knew what journey we were about to embark on. But because I KNEW what journey we were about to embark on. The Lord used my surgery, He used my Doctor, He used my family and Mrs. Ramona. He has used countless people who have gone before us on this journey.

And last week we got the awesome privilege of giving our kids an amazing gift Valentine’s Day present.

Cory and I have signed with Christian Adoption Consultants and are working with a phenomenal woman whose desire it to match the perfect baby with the perfect family. The average wait time is 6-10 months with the people we have signed with. So, it is beyond my comprehension to think that our Mom could be carrying our baby RIGHT NOW!!!!! 

I have SO much more to tell you. But if you’ve ever been a part of Adoption, you know that my eyes are looking at this screen only by peaking over the piles of paperwork that are before us.

As we are already in the middle of our home study, we want to ask for a couple of things from you.
Would you be so kind as to rally around us on our journey? We need support in this process:
Prayer: will you commit to praying for our family? Pray for Autumn and Easton. Pray for our new baby. Pray for us as parents, as pastors and as a family.
Giving: You can support us through your giving at, directly through us or any fundraiser we are doing (Stay tuned!). This process unfortunately is more costly that we can do on our own. Average cost of adoption is $25-40K. While we are/have been doing our part, we are so honored in any way that you can join our journey! Anything you can support us with financially is a blessing. We know that the Lord will be faithful to us and that His resources are endless.
Creativity: We need fundraising ideas! If you are creative, have had great experiences with unique fundraising ideas, or are willing to help raise funds, please connect with us. All ideas are welcome!
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