Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Girls

Outside of my main girl, a few more have stolen my heart.
Here's to my girls!

 First ever beach baptism

 After they threw me in the pool. Gotta love them :)

Boo Bash 2010

Each week someone cooks and bakes.
Dino cookies by Viki & Kattie :)

Their creativity shining through.
And I cannot tell you HOW PROUD I am that I see
all of them taking notes during services.
Awesome, say what?!!

Best SG Girls Ever!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catalyst Highlights

At the beginning of October, Cory and I headed to Atlanta for Catalyst2010.The outcome of that conference is a whole post in itself soon to come.

But there were a few highlights I must tell you about!
Most of you have seen posts about my friend, Lori Wilhite from L&LI
Well, I got to meet her .... In real life ... Face to face ...
Eat lunch with her ... Laugh with her ... Hug her!
If your a PW or a woman in ministry, believe me,
it will benefit you to make yourself familiar with her and her site.
Some of the other ladies who help Lori out on the blog were there too.
Seriously, how can ladies be so inviting and make you feel so welcome? I know ... cause they love Jesus and and other PW's!
Jessica Cornelius
Brandi Wilson

I also got to visit with my friend, Steph  and her husband Matt.
I met her through L&LI blog last year. Genuinely loving folks right there!
Steph and I do virtual small groups together. She's an encourager and a true friend. Love that woman!

Cory also has a friend, Matt Gross who we sat with and were able to hang out with a little. His girlfriend, Candace was pretty as a picture and their sweet personalities mesh together!

Check out the poor maintenance guys job.
Proves that Pastors are messy too :)

Didn't know she was gonna be there, but Kari Jobe did some worship at the conference. Passion flows out of that girl.

John Mark McMillan sang How He Loves.
Beth Moore spoke on insecurities in ministry.
Francis Chan spoke heart language to everyone.
You know what .... maybe I just need to do a snip-it of my notes and what God spoke to me during the conference.
Cory and I will put our heads together and write that post together, maybe, possibly, hmmmmm .....