Sunday, September 27, 2009

Foto Friday = Really Sunday 09.27.09

Today we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Callaway Assembly.

It is honoring to be a part of a church that is full of such rich history.

Here is a snapshot of todays service.

(By the way, my husband did an amazing job on the DVD presentation. You should get a copy if you've had any part of CAG. It's that good!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Easton

Then and Now
(09.18.07 verses 09.18.09)

Today our baby boy turned 2 years old.
Thats 104 weeks.
Or 730 days.
Or 525660 hours.
Or ... well, you get the point.

I guess that means he's not really called a baby anymore.
He's graduated to toddler status now.
But, as a mom, he'll always be MY baby.

For those who know us well, you know it took us 6 years and 2 losses to finally get our Easton.
When I call him my "miracle" it's because he is. He survived. He thrived. He is here.

Easton was prayed for, interceded for, fasted about, and brought before the Lord more times that I will ever know of ... all before he was ever in my womb. The Lord answered our prayers. Psalm 139:13

I pray that our son grows up to be a strong man of God. I pray he follows the path that is narrow and that is hard. I pray that he perserveres with integrity. I pray that he guards his heart, and then opens it completely for the right woman. I pray he leads his home with spiritual authority. I pray these things NOW ... because as we all know, our children grow before our eyes way faster than we'd ever hoped.
I won't get emotional and tell you how much I love it that he still plays with my hair while he goes to sleep .... or how much I don't mind when he cries in the middle of the night so I HAVE to pull him in bed with us ... I won't do it. I just won't. I won't tell you how I am in denial that he's moving up into another size clothes and it breaks my heart. Nope, not gonna do it :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foto Friday 09.11.09 Transformation

Autumn went to the office with her dad ... and came back looking like this.
Cory said "Sorry, she used to be beautiful"!
Surprisingly, Easton just giggles at her!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Know You're A Mom of Little Ones When .....

.... white is not a prominent color in your wardrobe.

.... you schedule walmart trips around naptime.

.... you get more excited about a new diaper bag than a new purse.

.... you hide your favorite chips in the back of the pantry so they don't find them.

.... you eat m&m ice cream bars at 10 pm so that slobber isn't a side dish.

.... you get excited when you have an "annual" doctors appointment - kids can't come.

.... sidewalk chalk is now a part of writing utensils in the house.

.... pink and blue will forever be colors forever incorporated into your living room decor.

.... "countdown" doesn't mean to a football game, but to bedtime.

.... all the spit up, diarrhea, snot, crying, and whining is worth it .... cause the love, hugs, cuddles, smiles and "I love you"s outweigh it all.

Foto Friday 09.04.09 Sick Baby

Easton got croup this week.
When the cough went away, the fever came.
When the fever went away, the green snot trail came.
So, this is where we are today :)

Cory says I can't take him to church on Sunday.
He said I wouldn't appreciate another mom bringing their baby with green snot. He's right. I wouldn't be happy at all. Honestly, I'd probably be pretty aggravated. So, I had a reality check that my baby is not the exception to the rule.

That being said, I shall be staying home from church Sunday!