Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FAQ. Updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you adopting from?
We are doing a domestic adoption, so our birth mom could be from anywhere in the US.
Most situations we have seen have been from Florida though. 
Go figure :)  

When will you have Baby Henderson?
The average time our agency says is 6-10 months. 
We officially began in February, 
so we are praying for a baby by the end of summer! 

How much does adoption cost?
Our financial needs for this adoption will be around $40,000. 
This is a lot of money to raise fast! 
This is a quick adoption process and we have to raise all 
of our funds before we bring our baby home! 
Please consider helping our family in any way you can. 
Read a blog from our consultant here in regards to adoption costs. 

How can I help? 
Attend An Event.
May 26th
Texas Roadhouse
Ten Percent Tuesday
400 Columbiana Drive
10% of your entire bill will go to #bringhomebabyhenderson
*Get a flier from us before or that night at the event *
May 29th 
Bingo, Team Trivia & Silent Auction 
2700 Bush River Road 
Columbia, SC 29210
Bingo from 5-7 $1 a card. Winner of each round will go into a drawing for a Flat Panel TV. 
Team Trivia: 7-9 $10 person/ 4 people per team / 10 Rounds. Winners get Best Buy Gift Cards
Silent Auction: 6-8 going on simultaneously to Games in Foyer. Winners announced at 8PM .
May T-Shirt Campaign
100% of proceeds from our Big Cartel Shop goes straight into the adoption fund. 
We would like someone from each state representing us by wearing our 
#Bringhomebabyhenderson shirts designed specifically for us. 
Go Fund Me
This is just a simple and easy site to donate. 
This is actually where we will keep our entire donations updated, whether online or off. 
Send a check. 
(Please make checks payable to Cory or Joy Henderson) 
Cory Henderson
2700 Bush River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
Donate via Paypal. 
You can send money to friends and family and you won't be charged fees. 
Our paypal email is coryandjoy@gmail.com
Adoption is no small task. 
We are opening our hearts and leaving them wide open to many people who we don't know at all. 
Pray for A & E's hearts to remain undamaged in this initial process.
We all know of failed adoptions, and we are speaking specifically against anything the Lord would not want or seek for our family. We know He has the perfect baby and the perfect scenario for us. We just want to walk uprightly through it from beginning to end. 
Pray for our Birth Mom. She's carrying a life. A life she will willingly entrust to us for the rest of that babies days. 
Pray for our babies health. Pray that wholeness is being spoken into his/her life right now. 

Where are you in the process?
December: We made our decision to officially begin the adoption process
January: We spoke with Christian Adoption Consultants and got the Adoption Agreement in hand
February: We signed official documents, told our children, family and church about Baby H
March 6: We had our first home study visit with Night Light Adoption Agency
April 17: Home Study is completed and Approved. 
April 22: Profile from Christian Adoption Consultants is Complete
In Process: Our Profile goes out to expectant Moms and Birth Mom chooses us
To Be Announced:  We choose to accept the Birth Mom's choice
To Be Announced: Baby's Due Date
To Be Announced: BABY IS AT HOME WITH US!!!