Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cake Fight

One of my small group girls refers to a 
cat and snake fight as a "Cake Fight". 
Clever, right!? 
When she told the joke, I didn't laugh ... 
Until this weekend!

I had never seen such a thing. 
We were going to walk out the garage 
and noticed a cat on our porch. 
Then we noticed the evil, slithery, 
nasty black thing it was staring down. 

The "Cake Fight" was on.

This cat did not back down 
even with us staring at it and snapping pictures. 
It had it's mind made up. 
And it wasn't leaving until it conquered that snake.

Funny thing is ... we don't have a cat. 
And we don't know whose cat this is. 
But I'm debating putting milk out for it every afternoon. 
My little neighborhood snake wrangler. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

What's New : Easton : April 2011

You are fearless. 
You jump from every and any thing. 
You watch Mario videos on YouTube constantly
You wake up asking for ChickIa pa-pies (ChicFilA french fries)
You are in a three day a week Pre-K class, for your speech
You come home from school and immediately put on pajama pants
You can strip everything off in three seconds flat
You sit on top of my desk and giggle til I come get you off. 
You love school - mainly because there is a slide there
You still play with mommys hair on occasion, normally when you're really tired
You say "I judge you" for I love You, and we are WAY okay with being "judged"
You work my iPhone better than I do
You recently beat your dads high score on his Angry Birds
You "peepeepotty" 90% of the time in the real potty
You demand a "high pive" when you're done going potty
You love chips & salsa - no matter how hot they are
You wrestle with your daddy like a champ
You play so hard in the bath that floor is always soaked when you're done
You only let daddy put your "skibbies" on if he's home
You play hard and do not stop until you crash at the end of the night
You are our miracle boy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's New : Autumn : April 2011

You are in love with all things Justin Bieber
You are in the 4th grade
You are homeschooled
You always want a short hair cut, but change your mind when we get there
You refuse to wear a dress to church
You love to sleep on the couch instead of your own bed
You enjoy watching American Idol with your mom
You are an amazing speller
You like your hair down, rarely ever in a ponytail
You question things about the bible & God that I didn't ask til 30
You have a new obsession with rolly pollys you find in our yard
You even name them, made a hotel and a school for them
You recently told us you want to marry a youth pastor
You adore your brother even when he annoys the mess out of you
You like to make a huge pallet in the living room floor for family movie night
You like all the lights in the entire house to be off while the movie is on
You don't like to take pictures until I threaten you
You are the light of our lives

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Stop

I picked our little man up from school today. 
His teacher told me he still isn't speaking in class much. 
They can't get him to open up. 

They pull him out of class two days a week 
so he can have one-on-one therapy. 

The older he gets, and the more he cognitively catches up, the more frustrated he is becoming. He knows what he wants to say and he just doesn't understand why we can't figure it out. He repeats himself over and over. I told Cory that I feel like we're playing Mad Gab sometimes. (I hate that game!)

Last year he was so frustrated, we think he just gave up for a while. 
He shut down and didn't speak much for a long time. 

Thankfully at home he now jibbers and jabbers all the time.  
We are so grateful for the improvement he has made over the past year. 
We can actually carry on a conversation with him. Very limited, but it is improvement! 

As he gets older, as a mom, it saddens my heart.
Especially when we hear other children, much younger, speaking in whole sentences and carrying on semi-adult conversations. 

With that being said, we stand firm in our faith that 
our boy will be completely healed from this. 
He will one day speak with ease. 
He will one day sing silly songs. 
He will one day laugh at a joke he told.
He will one day not remember these days of struggle.
He will be healed and he will be whole. 
Will you continue to join us in prayer for his Apraxia? 

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess,
 for he who promised is faithful."
Hebrews 10:23