Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's New : Autumn : April 2011

You are in love with all things Justin Bieber
You are in the 4th grade
You are homeschooled
You always want a short hair cut, but change your mind when we get there
You refuse to wear a dress to church
You love to sleep on the couch instead of your own bed
You enjoy watching American Idol with your mom
You are an amazing speller
You like your hair down, rarely ever in a ponytail
You question things about the bible & God that I didn't ask til 30
You have a new obsession with rolly pollys you find in our yard
You even name them, made a hotel and a school for them
You recently told us you want to marry a youth pastor
You adore your brother even when he annoys the mess out of you
You like to make a huge pallet in the living room floor for family movie night
You like all the lights in the entire house to be off while the movie is on
You don't like to take pictures until I threaten you
You are the light of our lives

1 comment:

  1. And what a blessing she is...our "Sunshine"!