Friday, April 8, 2011

What's New : Easton : April 2011

You are fearless. 
You jump from every and any thing. 
You watch Mario videos on YouTube constantly
You wake up asking for ChickIa pa-pies (ChicFilA french fries)
You are in a three day a week Pre-K class, for your speech
You come home from school and immediately put on pajama pants
You can strip everything off in three seconds flat
You sit on top of my desk and giggle til I come get you off. 
You love school - mainly because there is a slide there
You still play with mommys hair on occasion, normally when you're really tired
You say "I judge you" for I love You, and we are WAY okay with being "judged"
You work my iPhone better than I do
You recently beat your dads high score on his Angry Birds
You "peepeepotty" 90% of the time in the real potty
You demand a "high pive" when you're done going potty
You love chips & salsa - no matter how hot they are
You wrestle with your daddy like a champ
You play so hard in the bath that floor is always soaked when you're done
You only let daddy put your "skibbies" on if he's home
You play hard and do not stop until you crash at the end of the night
You are our miracle boy

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  1. I'll never forget when Sunshine walked in with her tshirt that said, "Im going to be a big sister." He's definitely our little man miracle from God!