Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Our first Leaders Advance at CLC. 
Charleston, SC. 
Both of our kids experienced playing in snow for the first time! 
There were snow ball fights and freezing buns everywhere! 
My husband and kids surprised me with a trip to Asheville, NC
and a weekend in this cabin for my birthday! 
How we do Valentines Day with the family. 
How we do Valentines Day as a couple.
Launching of Small Groups in Union:High School. 
My girls. 
I started leading my own Virtual Community Group 
(VCG) through LeadingandLovingIt.com.
Inspirational ladies! 
Launching of Union:YoungAdult Services & SmallGroups
Listening to my husband fill the pulpit in the Main Sanctuary at CLC.
I started working in the home with Mary Kay 
as an Independent Consultant. 
All things pink! 
Family has visited a few time already this year. 
This is from the recent Pocopanni visit! 

There's my best attempt at catching you up on some of our 2012. 
I have a lot of ideas running around in my head to share with you, 
but they keep sitting in my "edit post" for some reason. 
I guess when it's time to share them, I'll hit that "submit" button! 
Love you all,