Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pour It Out

We had our first leader meeting in our new home this week. As fun and exciting as it is, starting over with a whole new crew can be a little bit tough at times. They are learning us, We are learning them. 

Despite all newness, despite all learning curves, one thing remains. We are all struggling to figure each other out for one purpose. To glorify and lift up the name of Christ. We desire to see students and young adults come to have a relationship with the Jesus who has saved our souls. Our passion is to disciple those who are hungry to know more of Him. 

At the end of our meeting, we asked one of our worship leaders to lead us in a song so we could end our night together in prayer. 

So often times we ask for God to open the heavens and for Him to pour out His love on us. 
We ask Him to swing open the floodgates of Heaven and let His mighty power rush over us. 
And as much as I desire that, and often times ask for it, I had a different view during our short worship time together this week.

As our group of leaders were sitting around our living room, seeking His face, lifting His name. 
I simply saw the roof lifted off of our house, as if God were peaking in on what we were doing.
Like he honed in for a split second on just our home and our small worship time.
A soft spotlight was shining not into our home, but out of our home.  
Because we were sending our love to Him. 
Pouring our love out on Him. 

God was simply watching His children praise Him, thank Him, and worship Him. 
I am thankful for a God who does not demand us to worship Him, but He delights in it. 
And I'm thankful He cares enough to take time to speak to me right where I needed it. 

I am so hopeful for this new journey we are on. 
And I know God is watching us and He is delighting in what is happening! 

Psalm 95:6,7
Come let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For HE is our God.