Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yeti Cooler : Adoption Giveaway (Completed)

WINNER: Ticket #214253
Kaycee Sites
Watch the Announcement Video Here:

Who doesn’t love a YETI cooler?
And even better than that, who doesn’t love a SPECIAL EDITION SEAFOAM YETI
that you can NO LONGER PURCHASE!!!
(I call it more MINT, but what do I know?!)
This 20 qt Roadie YETI cooler retails for $249.99.
Seriously, I myself do not even own a YETI cooler and had my eye on this one for months.
Now is your chance to put your name in the hat to own it yourself!

So, here’s how the Giveaway is going to go!
Each entry to the giveaway costs $5 and can be paid for using the
Paypal Button on the sidebar on our blog.
{Once you have made your donations, email me at coryandjoy@gmail.com and
tell me how many entries you paid for, including your name and mailing address}
You  may purchase tickets in person if you do not have a PayPal account.
Here is an example of what your email would look like:
Kelly Kapowski, 111 Awesome Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 
$50 (10 entries)
 I will email your donation specific number within 24-48 hours of receiving your donation.
Giveaway is open from TODAY-August 7th at noon/EST.
A winner will be drawn and announced by video on the evening of August 7th!
All profits from this giveaway will go directly towards bringing home our sweet miracle.  
*This is open to US shipping only*

Other ways to connect with us:
Instagram: @onejoy
Twitter: @coryandjoy