Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Family Time in Pics

Fish House .... cheese grits .... shrimp .... sweet tea .... YUM!

Golfing .... my first time ever off the driving range.

We golfed with these thugs .... I think they're cussing us out in gang-sign-language.

My rocker girl all ready for the Skillet Concert.

 I warned them that I yell and scream .... and they might get embarassesd. And they did :)

 She loved her first concert!

Easton shooting his first bow with daddy.

Can you believe Easton is the one with his shirt on? Wow!

Then all the big kids ran off and left him. Poor baby :(
TO BE CONTINUED ... we headed to Catalyst 2010 and that's a whole other post in itself!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Big 3.0.

My best friend, lover and father of my children will be... dun dun dun ...  30 years old this month.

The actual day of his birthday (the 15th) will be the first day of our student Fall Retreat. So, he has made me promise not to do anything on that day. He says too much stuff will be going on. And of course he wants the focus on the students and not himself .... that's just my husband :)

So my daughter and I made an executive decision.

Since we can't celebrate on the 15th, we've decided that every day leading up to his birthday (starting today, October 1st) we will let him open a gift. That way he really feels celebrated.

30's a big deal!

I've warned him that some gifts will mean more than others ... some will be store bought .... some will be home made! Some will be small and insignifigant and some will be gifts he will keep forever.

I'm excited for him to be celebrated for a little while.
And man, it was fun shopping for him!  
He deserves it!
I can't wait to grow old with him!