Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Know You're A Mom of Little Ones When .....

.... white is not a prominent color in your wardrobe.

.... you schedule walmart trips around naptime.

.... you get more excited about a new diaper bag than a new purse.

.... you hide your favorite chips in the back of the pantry so they don't find them.

.... you eat m&m ice cream bars at 10 pm so that slobber isn't a side dish.

.... you get excited when you have an "annual" doctors appointment - kids can't come.

.... sidewalk chalk is now a part of writing utensils in the house.

.... pink and blue will forever be colors forever incorporated into your living room decor.

.... "countdown" doesn't mean to a football game, but to bedtime.

.... all the spit up, diarrhea, snot, crying, and whining is worth it .... cause the love, hugs, cuddles, smiles and "I love you"s outweigh it all.

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