Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allergic To Boys

After dinner we were driving down
the road and saw a billboard that said:

Are you the one?
(then a picture of a teenagers face)
Stop the spread of STD's.

As we see this, Autumn says:
"What's STD's?"

My response:
"It's a disease"

"What kind of disease?"

"The kind you get from kissing."

"Kissing, like, your mom and dad?"

Daddy chimed in:
"No, like anyone that isn't your mom or dad".

"That's so weird that your body just
knows it isn't your mom or dad."

As I'm holding in my laughter,
Daddy holds it together enough to come up with this:
"Well, you know how your body is allergic to certain things .... that's kind of how your body works. Sometimes it just KNOWS stuff. It reacts different ways to different things. So a disease is like a reaction in a way. "

"Hmm. I wonder how when you get married
.... your body just knows it's okay to kiss.

After another minute she comes up with this .... hearfelt and as serious as can be:
"Do you think it's the wedding gown?
Does it have something in it that makes you
not allergic to your husband?"

By this time we are home and I am SO thankful.
I'm gonna keep praying she thinks
you are "allergic" to boys until you get married.
That would be awesome!


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  2. Your Dad & I totally agree & we'll be praying the same thing! :) That's my Sunshine!!! She's so curious, serious, and...amazing, but of course her Mom & Dad are too! :)

  3. Joy! THat is the funniest story ever!! You have got to tell her this when she gets married! Love it!

  4. After 18 years of working with teenage girls, I can't believe that I haven't come up with that one yet. That's brilliant - a wedding dress works like an EpiPen!