Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Challenge

My friend over at A Life Defined
put out a challenge a couple weeks ago.
I'm a little late on taking
the "challenge", but I'm doing it now.
Better late than never right!?

Here's the challenge:
Write a blog
(that people actually want to read)
for 7, yes 7, days in a row.

Can I do it?
I don't know.
I'm starting ...
fully intending to finish.

Want to join in on the challenge?
If you are, let me know.
That way if you finish or fail,
at least we're doing it together!

Also, since I'm coming up on my 100th post,
I'll be having a giveaway at the end of this "challenge".
You'll hear more about that later this week.

Ready ...  set ... CHALLENGE ON!


  1. Ok girl!! 7 days, huh?
    Let's see how this goes. I'm taking you up on the challenge.
    Here's the link to my new blog: http://www.confessionsofapastorswife.org

  2. oops!! the real link is
    Sorry for the mix-up.

  3. Craig, I'm gonna check out your video blogs tonight. I'm nervous to do one of those. Reminds me too much of public speaking and I am not good at that! Challenge on!

    Dawna, I'm so excited! I'm gonna go check out your blog now. We can do this together! Challenge on!

  4. I'll join you my friend:-) getting back to daily bible study. Its been off since i moved, so i will challenge myself to that!!! good luck with yours.love ya! Georgia