Monday, February 22, 2010

The Release

Aunt Aundrea got Autumn a butterfly habitat for Christmas.
After 6 impatient short weeks of waiting for them, they arrived.
(You have to mail out a certificate and then they mail you the caterpillars).
Did you know ...
Painted Lady Butterflies have 16 legs?
that the life span of a matured PLB is only two weeks?
the PLB has two eyes made up of 10,000 lenses?
that a PLB tastes through its feet?
a PLB breathes through the side of its body?
that PLB get nourishment from orange slices and sugar water.
(They also release this red nasty fluid after the emerge from their chrysalis.
Gross. Really, really gross. )

After two weeks of the caterpillars making their change to butterflies, we knew it was time ...
Time to release our new baby butterlies.
Enjoy the pics. Here we go:
Here's one of our five butterflies
And another one ...
Miss Becca even got in on the action!
One of the greatest Big Sisters ever!
(Can you see the butterflies in their hand!)
And of course we didn't let the mancub kill touch the butterflies ... but he wanted to "cheese" with Miss Becca!


  1. Love, love, love the pics!!! Autumn was so excited and wanted to release her butterflies today, so I'm glad the weather was beautiful and she got to! And Becca is the bomb when it comes to 'big sisters'! Another great blog! Love you!!!

  2. Aw this is adorable I Love it thats really neat that you get to watch them grow...

  3. Very cool! I've always wanted to do that.

  4. Mom, it was the perfect day to release them!
    Steph, it was so cool. Within one day they all 5 broke out from their chrysalis!
    Alicia, Cade & Bay would love it!