Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You Feel Loved?

I haven't been this busy in a while.
A good busy.
A week filled with friends busy.
Something to do every day kind of busy.

Sunday speaks for itself ... it was Valentines Day.

Monday we had off work thanks to Pastor ...
We went to Pier Park with the kids. Ate at Bootleg Bar-B-Que.

Tuesday I went into work ... cause I had Monday off, remember :)
Pastor Brackett, Donald and Cory invited Jo Ann and I to lunch with them at Old Mexico.
California Burritos should be on everyones bucket list.

Wednesday I went to my friend, Tracys house. We hit it big there. Tracy has three girls. Autumn is right in between two of their ages. And Megan, the oldest daughter, loves to take care of Easton. So after yummy fajitas and lots of catching up, I was introduced to my first official "stamping" project. Through much help, I accomplished these two cards. Almost too pretty to send to anyone!

This morning I had coffee with two lovelies in my life, Aundrea & Georgia. Then on to work. Lunch time rolled around and I met the one&only Breanna at Applebee's. Tonight Cory & I caught up on Survivor. I'm still attempting to catch up on Lost.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a bestie, Brittany, for breakfast at Corams.
Then I'll enjoy the company of my Renew girls for bowling.

Next week I get to eat lunch with Kristen and meet Baby Cole. I can't wait! I've had baby fever for a year. Maybe Cole will be able to speak to my ovaries or something!

Do you feel loved? ... Cause I do :)


  1. Love the cards! They're beautiful. Maybe you can show me how to do this some time.

  2. It is awesome to be a good kind of busy isn't it? You did an awesome job on the stamping project!

  3. I'm glad you had a friend filled week! Next time, I want in!

  4. Mom, You'd love it. It's like scrapbooking with a twist!

    Toshana, thanks for the compliment. My "teacher" was awesome!

    Brittni, It was such a good busy week. I couldn't do two weeks like this in a row! We need to do a playdate or something one day ... homeschooling has perks :)

  5. We just moved to Panama City this month and have eaten at Bootleg BBQ probably 4 times, we love it!