Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TV No No's

Growing up there were certain shows & movies  
that were major no no's in our house.
A few of them I remember are:

The Simpsons

Married With Children


Soap Operas

Waynes World

Cory and I occasionally struggle with the things we let Autumn see.
A lot of times it's black and white.  
But ... there are times that the fun shows turns out to be
not-so-innocent for her little eyes.
For example,
This has always been a show that Autumn and I watch together.
( Cory's never been a fan, so he does his own thing. )
But this year I catch Autumn doing a little more hip shaking
than I'd like after she watches the show 
And she loves the outfits they wear.
I can see where this could turn bad ... real quick :)

SO ...
What shows do you not let your kids watch?  


  1. MTV was banned at my house growing up too. I guess lots of stuff was ... but that was the one that I grieved.

    I'm really funny about what I let them watch and not watch around here. Sometimes I think it isn't super consistent. But we manage. It helps that we are no TV Mon-Thurs, so I don't have to block quite as much! :)

  2. Mom and I were just talking the other day about dancing with the stars. How it's advertised as a family show, but the clothes keep getting smaller and smaller every season!

  3. MTV was rough for me to. I was teenager in the heat of MTV being at its peak.

    We try to be intentional and have actual reasons for the kids when they aren't allowed to watch shows. So, I told Au tonight that the ladies were dressing like hoochies on DWTS, so we were gonna take a break from it.

    How do you survive with no tv Mon - Thurs? You are superwoman!

  4. We didn't have cable when I was little, but I remember no Smurfs and no Roseanne. Full House made up for having to miss those though! Now,we are really picky about what the boys are allowed to watch. Plus, I'm so blessed to have a spouse who is in agreement on TV. It's hard for those families where mom and dad see things differently when it comes to media.

  5. That's funny, Brittni. Full House was always on at our house too! Such an awesome wholesome show. We watched a lot of Cosby Show too.
    And yes, it does make things much easier when mom & dad are on board :) We are blessed women!