Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DeTox ... Done

7 days later ... and we're all still alive!
One 5-minute mis-hap Saturday night where East found a paci.
Other than that we survived and it's been a way easier move than I EVER thought it would be.

For those who are wondering what our technique was:

We tried the cutting the paci.
Didn't work.
He just held the paci in this mouth with his hand since the suction wouldn't work.

We tried letting him "throw it away".
Didn't work.
He dug in the garbage and wouldn't move til he found it.

We accidentally "lost the paci".
Didn't work.
Cause we gave in and ran to Wal-Mart.

So, yes, we went COLD.TURKEY.

We got rid of all paci's in the house
(of course, except the one Easton had hidden).
Cory made me throw them ALL away.
Shhh. He doesn't know I kept one.
Cause all moms have to keep one for sentimental reasons.

All in all, this experience wasn't as bad as we thought.
He's actually a happier kid without his paci.
Go figure.

I had 100 people ask me Sunday at church how the week went.
I'm chalking the easiness up to the fact that all you guys were praying.
Next time I have a big-deal request, I'm gonna have Cory announce it from the puplit again.
Worked this time :)


  1. He couldn't of done it without a great mommy. :) Love, Me

  2. ...I think I'd be pretty attached to a paci if I were Easton--I mean, with the multiple times he was sick & that one unfortunate burn incident (which I bet was a COMPLETE accident...WHOEVER was or wasn't watching him, i don't even know?!). He's a pretty strong boy to deal with loosing such a "big" comfort--even if he was forced, HAHA!

  3. Thanks honey.
    Becca, You have been with us on this journey ... and helped us the whole way through. I think he's a big boy too though! (Daddy forced him, not me ... just for the record!)