Friday, March 12, 2010

Cake Pops, Snow Pops, Pool Pops

After Aundreas shower last night, everyone wanted to know how to do the "cake pops".
(I think we're gonna call them "pool pops" around our house ... cause look how cute they are by the pool)
I took the tips of these lovely bakers and tweeked them: Bakerella and MckMama
Here's my "how to":

Bake your cake.
Once the cake has cooled completely, crumble it by hand.
I cut mine in a couple sections and then crumbled it into the bowl.
Once my cake was all crumbled, I added half of a container of frosting.
I used vanilla frosting cause it's my fave.
As messy as it is, I added the frosting my hand and mushed it til it mixed.
Then you roll them into balls.
I put mine in the fridge to get a little harder.
Then I melted one cube of chocolate.
I stuck the sticks in the cake balls, then took them out.  
I don't have any piping tools.
So, I used my kids medicine dropper and sucked some chocolate up it.
I filled the holes with a small amount of chocolate ... with the dropper!
Then I re-inserted the sticks.
Back into the fridge they went so the chocolate could harden.
I actually put mine in the freezer, cause I was in a hurry.
I melted a whole package of candi-quik white chocolate.
I used white for one batch and colored the other batch with wilton's blue coloring.
I put my chocolate in a starbucks mug.
Your cup should be more tall than shallow.
I took the pops out of the freezer 5 at a time so they'd stay cold.
I dipped one at a time in the mug.
Cover completely. Twist and tap lightly.
Once it stopped dripping, I stuck the pop in styrofoam so it could dry.
(I wasn't multi-talented enough to take a pic of me dipping the chocolate!)
And once they dry they're done.
Here's the finished product at the shower.
They went oh so well with the cake that Susan made!


  1. Love this! I will difinitely borrow this one! Wish I could have been at the shower. I know Landon is sure blessed!

  2. Tammy, you'll love these things ... so easy and so tasty! And yes, Landon is a blessed little boy. I sure can't wait for him to get here ... along with a thousand other people around here!