Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Green Are We, Really?

Cory and I take turns doing the bills in our house. About every 6 months we switch from which one of us are doing them. This is to alleviate stress and to stay in the loop of how the finances are flowing.

So two weeks ago it was "switch time". It's my turn.

At the end of paying the bills I was in shock. And surprisingly it has nothing to do with money. I looked at the pile of mail/bills/inserts/slicks/ads that I DID NOT need. It made me question just how "green" we really are in America.

You see, we recieve our bills and statements through email with any company that we can. So, this is all the OTHER companies that do not offer e-statements.
The first picture is the only things we actually needed out of 1 weeks mail. The second picture is one weeks worth of mail - a pile of mess is all the mail that was chunked into my garbage can.

Makes me wonder why so much other unecessary mail is being circulated.
How "green" are we, really?

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