Monday, July 20, 2009

Question of the Day 07.20.09

Last night I ordered pizza from Papa Johns. I told them I needed it delivered. My total was given to me and it was $28.84.

We realized we needed to run to town to get Corys truck from Wal-Mart. So, I called Papa Johns & asked if we could change it to a "pick up" order. The young girl said of course! Then right before she hung up she said "your new total will be $31.26".

I hung up a little confused.
I walked into Papa Johns and the nice assistant manager greeted me nicely and asked my name. While he was finding my order I simply (and politely) asked if it cost more to pick up your pizza now, rather than having it delivered! He smiled and asked if we'd made changes to our order.

I explained what happened .... changed from delivery to pick-up. He apologized. When the young girl changed my order, she didn't re-instate the coupon code. So, he nicely gave me my coupon cost ... and an additionl 10% off.

So, I walked out of Papa Johns with a total of $26.64.
A simple question and 2 minutes saved me $5.
My question of the day:
How do you react when you are overcharged? Blockquote

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