Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dirty Laundry

I bet you thought I was gonna tell some dirty little secrets, didn't you!? No luck.

I am seriously stressing over the state of my laundry.
The hamper has shirts and pants hanging all out the top.
I only pray no-one walks in to see our unmentionables peeping through the holes in the hamper.
Easton loves to empty our dirty hamper and replace it with shoes (?? I know ??), so you never know what he's gonna walk in the living room holding.
When we need a towel after showering, the best bet is gonna be to look in the dryer not the linen closet.

Then there is the problem of the clean laundry that has creeped upon our dresser.
I cannot STAND to have anything on my dresser. We try to be minimalist.
So to have piles of clean laundry all over is just as bad (to me) and having dirty laundry everywhere.

My mom suggest washing & drying one load of laundry a day.
Seems a simple task, right?
Not so ... with an 8 year old; a 21 month old; full time youth ministry; part time office administrator; playdates; keeping friendships alive; marriage; birthday parties; shall I go on?

So, I am honestly pondering having someone come in and relieve me of this burden.
Even if it is just this one time ;-)

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