Monday, September 6, 2010

My Network of Ladies

Cory was teaching at a conference last week and was sharing with some youth pastors & workers his favorite people he networks with. You know, people who you learn from. People you allow to speak into your life. People you speak the same language with.

It got me thinking.
It's been a while since I posted who I'm learning from ... Who I'm connecting with.

Some of these ladies don't have a clue I exist.
Others, I have forged a great relationship with.

I'm excited to meet this lovely lady at Catalyst this year.
It'll be our first real life face-to-face.
We chat through email, twitter, virtual roundtables, and she's a epic Words With Friends player.

Check her out over at Leading and Loving It.
She is hosting an amazing Virtual Conference that starts tomorrow. FOR FREE! Who does that? ... Lori!

Another lady I check out at least once a week is Holly Furtick.

My husband started listening to her husband a few years ago, and I saw a link on his page: The Preachers Wife.
I thought "Hm, I'll check her out". And I've been hooked ever since.
Her and her husband speak a lot of the same language Cory and I do.
Our kids are around the same age.
We honestly just like them as a couple, yet they both have much to give individually.
She's one of those who have no clue who in the world I am, yet I am still able to learn tremendous amounts!

This next lady, I'm not sure how I stumbled upon her blog, but she is funny and blunt and I love the way she writes! One minute I'm laughing reading her stuff, and the next minute I'm crying. I can feel what she writes. I love it!

There's a ton more I could tell you about.
Like here and here and here and here and here.

But I want to know who the people in your  network are.
Who do you learn from?
Who do you "follow"?
Who inspires you?
And who do you just simply enjoy reading/checking out?


  1. I can not wait to hug your neck!! Since Florida is way too far away, I'm so very grateful that we are converging at Catalyst! Just one more month ...

  2. Same here! Can't wait for all of us to meet up at Catalyst!! So glad God blessed me with getting to know you already Joy!! Love all these ladies that you talked about!!

  3. ohmygoodness... well, hi there, joy!

    my face is on your blog, in a post with two amazing women and i am totally honored by that.

    thank you.

    to answer your questions...

    1- i learn a lot from sarah frankl. @gitzengirl. the most remarkable and bravest woman i know.

    2- i follow, gitz, mandy thimpson, alece (@gritandglory), pete wilson (or is this only women?) ;)

    3- most anyone can inspire me simply by challenging my thoughts. with words that push me forward, get me thinking.

    4- i enjoy reading sarah markleys blog. and i enjoy checking out my husband. but thats probably not what you meant. and i really hope you dont kick me out the group for that one.

  4. This is a good idea...I'd love to steal it! I love to see who other people get inspired by. Holly Furtick is a friend of mine and I can attest to what she puts out there. She is a great friend and mom:)

    I am always challenged by my husband, Josh Via's, blog...that is when he actually gets around to writing, ha!

    I read McMama...she is so funny, has a ton of kids and is still sane plus that woman can take beautiful photos!

    My friend, Jennifer Hambrick also has an awesome blog. She is one of my best friends, but I still glean from her insights and wisdom.

    Thanks for the link...what an honor!