Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Girls : ReGroups

Tonight we started our Renew Small Groups
for the fall term. Lindsey and I tag team a group.
We've got a few of our original girls and we added a few.

Tonight was a foundational night.
We don't really dive into any studies,
we just sit around and eat, then move
to the living room floor. It's amazing what you can learn
by just "being". Tradition in our small
group is to make a journal for the term.
Look at what an awesome and creative job they all did.

I think this group is gonna be better than
any group before. I can't wait to start our study
in James next week.

Get ready to dive in Arielle, Ashlie, Brittany, Courtney, Kattie, Kayleigh, Kristin, JoJo, Shelby and Victoria!

If you're not connected in a small group ... child, teenager, or adult ... I encourage you to plug in. There's nothing like Small Groups. It's where change happens!

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  1. I totally agree! Small group is where it's at!