Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bummer Mom Moment

If you know me well, you know that my childrens 
birthdays are exciting to me for more than 
just the fact that they are turning another year older. 

I LOVE their birthday parties. 
It's two of the highlights of my year. 
I start months in advance getting stuff together. 
I buy doodads and stash them for goody bags. 
I google party ideas to go along with the theme. 
It's a fun shin-dig ... if I do say so myself. 

I think I make it such a big deal, 
because throughout the year, 
my kids share Mom and Dad with so many. 
So, when their birthday comes around, 
we make the focus solely on Autumn or Easton
They invite their big brothers & big sisters, 
their grandparents, their friends, aunts & uncles, 
pastoral staff ... You name it, they are there. 
And A & E are the center of attention. 

I knew when we were making the move in ministry this summer, that we would be away from blood family and created family for Eastons birthday this year. 

I knew that we would only be in South Carolina 
for six weeks when Eastons birthday rolled around. And I guess I ignored it all till this week. Six weeks is hardly enough time to learn Eastons teachers names, let alone the kids in his class. 

So, Cory and I decided to invite a few of Eastons buddies that we do know to a local party place. And then have them come swimming. 
Good idea, right? 

Except as I was buying all 6, yes 6, 
of the party favors today I had a small meltdown. 

I'm gonna miss the hype. 
I'm gonna miss the prep.
I'm gonna miss the family. 
I'm gonna miss the hoopla. 
I'm even gonna miss the clean up. 
A messy house is a sign that a good time has been had. 

(Granted, my kids probably don't care about 
their parties near as much as I do.           
It's probably more of a big deal to me than it is to them. 
And I have no doubt that we're gonna have 
a bang up party with our small crew this year. )

But for today, 
I'm having a Bummer Mom Moment

You ever have one of those?

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