Saturday, August 27, 2011

Morning Memories

The start of our daughters 5th grade year 
has stirred up a ton of emotions for me. 

She's double digits now. 
She has only one year of elementary school left.
I'm getting, um, older.

As I was thinking back over my own school years, 
a few things stuck out to me. 

One memory is the drive to school each morning. 

My mom, as far back as I remember, 
did the same thing every day 
on our drive to school. 
Rain or shine. 
Good mood or bad mood. 
Running late or on time. 
Slowly or rushed.

My mom knew the power of her words. 
And she knew the power of The Word. 

Each morning on our drive to school 
my mom spoke this over me.
Sometimes as a prayer. 
Sometimes as a declaration. 
And sometimes as a plea. 

"Lord, give Joy the Helmet of Salvation
Place on her the Breastplate of Righteousness
Wrap her with the Belt of Truth
Shod her with the Sandals of Peace.
Protect her with the Shield of Faith.
Let her boldly carry the Sword of the Spirit."

Some days the in between words changed. 
Some days the prayer was longer. 
Some days shorter. 
But every day I had the Armor of God 
prayed over me. 

I can only attest that part of who I am today 
is because I had a praying mom. 

As Autumn enters into the world of public school, 
I pray she is covered from head to toe. 
From her inmost to her utmost. 

And I pray I will be as determined 
to see my children succeed, 
as my mom was to see me succeed.

To stand, when all else fails, 
and to know they are protected. 
Because they are covered. 

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