Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On The Sidelines

I'm used to 2 am texts, counseling over relationships, 
accountability for guarding a heart,  input on a questionable clothing,  
tears when someone has slipped, rejoicing when someone triumphed, 
door step coffees, guilted into ultimate frisbee, and so on and so on. 

And right now none of that is happening. 

Although it may seem like a complaint, it's really not. 
It's just a new journey.

Some days it kind of feels like being on the sidelines. 
Not yet playing in the game. 
Like being a new coach who's just been 
brought in from a whole other team. 
And I've got to watch a few game tapes and go to a couple 
big games in order to know the players well. 
In order to know their strengths. To know their weaknesses. 
To watch their wins. To watch their losses. 

This all takes 
And Time.

So as bad as I sometimes want to jump feet first, 
it takes sitting on the sidelines for just a little while. 

As we start this new journey we covet your prayers. 
We want to coach to the best of our ability. 
And we have no doubt we will see this team win! 


  1. It's definitely like that at first isn't it? You will be such a blessing to all of them & you will love them like they are your own. I am praying for you! LOVE YOU!