Monday, September 26, 2011

Give It Regardless

Regardless whether you voted for him or not, 
have honor and call him President Obama. 

Regardless whether your teacher is your favorite, 
have honor and call them Mrs. ____ or Mr._________.

Regardless whether they are younger or older than you, 
have honor and call them Pastor ______. 
(1 Timothy 5:17 Those who deal with affairs of the church are worthy of double honor, especially those who preach and teach.) 

Regardless of your like or dislike of your parents right now, 
have honor and answer with Yes/No Ma'am and Yes/No Sir.
(Ephesians 6:2 Children are to give honor, value and dignity to their parents and God promises to bless you.)

I have a righteous anger that overcomes me when people have a lack of honor for those who have been placed in certain positions. 

Respect is earned, but honor is to be freely given. 

1 comment:

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