Friday, July 2, 2010

Recovering From Camp

Ahhh ... It's been a long week.
I'm exhausted.
My eyes have black cirlces under them.
My energy levels are at an all-time low.
I think I could sleep for days straight.
I'm lucky I got in a few showers.

You know what the odd thing is?

I didn't even go to camp.

My husband took the 2010 interns.
I stayed home with the Henderson kids.

Which boils down to:
diapers, cleaning, gymnastics,
doctor appointments (for bronchitus), meals,
taking out the garbage, bedtime tuck-ins,
baths, brushing teeth,
taking the kids to work with me
(don't ever try this), 
laundry, fishing toilet paper (a new roll)
out of the toilet, boogers, playdates, dishes ...
do I need to go on?

Now, I look at this list and 
minus a few things, 
this  is a pretty normal week
around the Henderson House.

BUT ...
I realized something this week.

It's much easier
when there's two of you
sharing every day tasks ...
even the smallest duties.

So, while my husband is snoring on the couch
out of sheer exhaustion ....
I am recovering from a
different kind of exhaustion.

I sure am thankful Daddys home!
When's summer gonna be over? :)


  1. Amen girl!! I remember when Matt used to be gone 2 weeks to camp...I was like...glad you're's the kids!! LOL!! JUst to go to Walmart or sit alone by myself...or have someone take out the trash!! :)

    BUt I knew he was doing GOd's work...making a huge impact on this I let him sleep it away.

  2. Heath was just gone for 21 days! I feel your pain!!!

  3. I know why I'm not a military wife .... I just wouldn't be able to do it!