Friday, July 9, 2010

Husband Duty

On the Fourth of July we had a
BBQ at our house with some amazing friends.

We swam in the pool,
played cornhole in the backyard
grilled chicken pods,
ate corn on the cob,
played ninja in the living room,
bribed the kids to be good with m&m's, 
made coke floats, 
and ate boiled peanuts.

My husband woke up about midnight that night.
He said he was naseous.
The next morning he wasn't able to move.

Long story, short ....
My husband thought he was going to die.
For four days straight he hasn't
been able to keep anything down
... not water, not crackers,
not gatorade .... NOTHING.
He compared the stomach pain to labor.
I told him he didn't even have a clue.

So yesterday he asked me to take him to the doctor.
The doc said he started out with food poisoning
and it spread into a bacterial infection.
Basically, his whole GI system is infected.
She said it could have been the chicken or the peanuts.
And it doesn't matter that ALL of us
ate the same thing,  it only takes one bite.

So, she put him on a strong antibiotic,
antifungal and phenergan.
If he isn't better in a couple days
they want him to go to the ER.
They said at that point there wouldn't be
anything else they could do.
That won't scare the pants off of you.
I remember hearing the words "salmonella"
and I decided I'd pump those meds in him
and get him better no matter what!

So, that's been my ENTIRE week.

I've been on husband duty 
because he honestly couldn't take care of himself.
He'd get dizzy and weak just getting up to go to the bathroom.
He even took a chair into the bathroom today to shave
(for the first time all week. Yikes!)
I should've taken a picture
but that just wouldn't have been right :)

How's your week been?


  1. Great post! We've been praying for Cory. As a matter of fact, last night as we were saying our goodnight prayers w/ our kids, Steven spoke up and reminded me to pray for Pastor Cory. I know it's rough on you wives when us husbands get sick. We're such babies sometimes. It's amazing, I've seen my wife get a stomach virus & in no time she's back at being a great wife & mom. But when I get one, I'm like down for the count for no telling how long... Oh well, guess that's how God made us ;-)

  2. OH my word! I can't believe he has been so sick! And that boy doesn't have enough fat on his body to go that many days without eating!! I am praying for him to get better! You are being such a great care taker! I mean...taking a picture of him...I'm sure he loved that..LOL!! Hang in there and know we are praying!

  3. Craig, that speaks volumes to me as a parent. Thank you and Steven for praying for Cory. I shared this with him tonight. He's having a rough time. So far no major changes for the worse or better. Right now we're just waiting, hoping and praying.

    Steph, you are so right, he doesn't have much reserve to lose. That worries me all the more :( Thankfully he has recently put on a few pounds and been going to the gym ... so he did have a little .... and I mean a very little :)
    Thanks for the prayers, my friend.