Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not For Your Eyes

Today starts a new journey for me.
My husband is constantly telling me I need to do this.
I know I need to do this.
I've just put it off for way too long.

So, I went to the store today.
Not even intending for this to happen.

But I saw it.
And I knew.
It was right.
It was all alone on the shelf.
The only one. 
I knew it was for me.
It  had been waiting on me.

 Yep, I'm going old school folks.
I'm getting back to pen and paper.
Cause some things just aren't intended for your eyes :)


  1. There's something about pen and paper that just can't be replaced!

  2. Amen sister...I still journal and I love my time with him...keep it up!

  3. That is funny... a great friend of mine just bought me a paper journal -- "for those times you need to get things out that people don't need to see..."