Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Long, Old Friends

This month I vowed to deep clean every nook & cranny of the house.
Today was our master closet.
I'll spare you what the entire closet looked like.
It was atrocious a pretty easy job.

During the cleaning process I had a decision to make.
Do I take up space I can use for other things ... or say goodbye?
Tear. Tear. I chose to say goodbye.

This was my first pair of Madden Girl shoes.
These shoes and I have had a good ride.
Tonight they  found a new home.
They will go on a journey ... wherever Nates Sanitation chooses to take them.

Don't judge me for the holes worn spots.
It just means I got really good use out of them.

And as we say goodbye to old friends, we say hello to new ones ...

"Out with the old and in with the new" .... that's how the saying goes, right?!
You see, my problem is "out with the old".
I like to have the new, yet keep the old!

But, It's a new year.
So, I'm willing to try.
So long, old Friends.