Monday, October 5, 2009


We took a one day trip to Milton this past weekend.

We were in Cordova Mall looking in Dillards.
I was strolling Easton ... Autumn was walking with me ... Cory was in the restroom.

Autumn got out of my sight for a few seconds ... and as soon as I rounded the rack of clothes and saw her, I thought I'd scare her into staying right beside me.

I knelt down in front of her. I leaned in real close. We were eye to eye.

I wanted her to know I meant business.
I explained to her that she is a beautiful young lady and there are people in this world who would take her. I told her that she could get lost and then she'd be scared and crying. I explained she is to never leave my sight ... On and on for a minute or two.

I'm thinking I'm doing a pretty good job of scaring her into sticking closer to me than white on rice.

She waits for me to get done. I'm looking in her eyes. I wait for her response.

She politely says "Mom, did you brush your teeth today?"

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