Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Coming

My husband had the privilege of being asked to speak at our home church (Milton First Assembly) for their annual Homecoming service. He did a superb job speaking about the prodigal son and how his "homecoming" with his earthly father was a beautiful portrayal of our "homecoming" with our heavenly father one day. We have to make the decision to run to Jesus now (like the prodigal did his father) so that our eternal homecoming will be a celebration and not a decimation. (Read about the prodigal son in Luke 15).

While we were in town for our short trip, I began to think of things that make Milton feel so much like "home". Here are a few things:

1) My mom and dads front porch. Sitting in the swing. Hearing the honk of someone who sees you & knows you. Peaceful. Relaxing. Entertaining.

2) Driving down Dogwood Drive. Driving down Stewart Street. Something about those two roads that bring me back "home" every time. It's like I go in auto-pilot when I'm on them.

3) The green house on Alabama Street that Cory & I claim will be ours one day.

4) Wal-Mart. You can guarantee you'll see no less than 10 people you know every time you go. It's like a small reunion.

5) Tastee Freez = Fried Pickles. Ranch. Chicken Fingers. Gravy. Toast. Chocolate Dipped Cone.

6) Milton First A/God. Pastor Rogers. Growing up in a church for 21 years tends to create some deep roots. It's always exciting to visit and catch up. Worshipping with them makes it ever better.

7) Family. Nothing makes a place feel like home more than seeing family at every turn.

What is "home" to you?

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  1. And every time you come 'home' we LOVE it, even if it is only for a day or two, or especially if it's even a little longer. We would love if it was permanent, but we know God's called you & Cory & your precious family elsewhere, possibly for now, possibly permanently. So when you guys come home we'll enjoy & celebrate for now, but when day when we're 'home' with our heavenly Father we'll never have to be apart! I love you so incredibly much and am proud you're my daughter, and I'm so blessed God gave you to me and your Dad.