Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Real Deal

I want to be transparent on this journey.

My mind swims as I read situation after situation of birth moms who are choosing to give their child life. Today, my heart aches. It literally aches. The tears are hot in the corners of my eyes. I pray at work that no one looks me straight in the eye. My heart is breaking. I see papers with a name of a mom who is carrying a baby to term. Only to give someone like us the opportunity to love, raise and parent the child she has carried. The baby she has felt move in her stomach when she is trying to sleep. The baby who might kick her in the ribs when they need more room. The baby who she has got to reach down and rub for months. The baby who gets the hiccups at the oddest of hours. The baby she has most likely seen the face of on an ultrasound. The baby who she will soon her it's first cry.

I read a situation last week where Mom found out at 24 weeks she was pregnant. When she was told the news, she was going to have an abortion. But she was too far along. So, she is choosing to let someone adopt her sweet baby. I wept over her. For her honesty. For Gods timing. For this baby who she is choosing to gift to someone. For this life that will now be breathing the same air as us. For this child who will live. Mom's name will forever be on my lips in prayer.

Will you join with us as we journey this out?
You see, it's not just "getting a baby".
It's "giving a life".
A life to a child who might otherwise end up an orphan.
Or worse yet, might not be given the chance to live.

We wrote the following paragraph in the closing of our profile that each Mom will see as she carefully makes some huge decisions:

"We will speak honorably of you in our home and to our child. We pray for you, birth mother, often. Each night our children lay down with us to pray, please know we are already lifting you and this baby up to the Lord. We are praying safety and health. We are praying for you to believe in us, to trust us to walk this life with this child. And we will continue to pray for you and speak of you over the years both privately and publicly. We will let our child know that he/she is adopted and loved, but that adoption simply means they were “chosen”. Chosen by you to allow us into their lives. Chosen by us to love and raise them the best we know how. It will be our honor to love and raise this precious gift."

Will you whisper prayers for the Birth Moms who I am discovering are all around us. The brave women who choose life for their babies. And then they make an even greater sacrifice after birth and let someone pick up the torch and run the rest of the race. 


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