Saturday, April 24, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Autumn loves watching movies on our Netflix instant disc.
She's recently become a fan of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen ...
in their old school movies.

Some of these are cute, but as you know, as actors/actresses get in their teens, movies & such, start to change into a different direction.

I was laying on the couch the other day.
Autumn was watching one these Olsen movies.
I was resting ... you know ... in & out of consciousness
as much as you can be with little ones.

As this movie was playing you could tell it was getting to a
"romantic part" with some guy and Ashley.
I saw the writing on the wall ... they were about to kiss.

Our house rules are that if there is kissing in a movie/show
by a teen/kid then it has to be turned off.
We started this when Hannah Montana was getting older
and started kissing on her show.
It's just our decision and conviction on how we want
Autumn to view romanticism and sexuality.
If it's a wholesome show (7th heaven or something) and the parents kiss, she's allowed to see that.
She's a smart cookie and knows the difference.

I could tell that their was about to be a kissing scene.
I decided to close my eyes and "pretend" I was sleeping.
Judge me later.
I wanted to see Autumns response to this kissing.
Would she turn it off or think I was sleeping and "let it slide"?

You could hear the silence on the TV when the teens were kissing.
Me heart sank for a second because I did not hear anything.
I squinted my eyes to see what was going on.
She was frantically moving the little "hand" on the screen
trying to hit "back" and get out of the movie.
I waited until she got the movie stopped.
I "woke up" and asked her what happened.
She said "they kissed".
And then she turned on Calliou.
Simple as that.
My heart was singing.
I was so proud of her for making a decision
without prompting from me or her dad.
She honestly could have gotten away with it.
I was gonna let her continue to watch it if she chose,
 and then talk with her later about it.

This whole thing got me to thinking about me & my heavely father.
I'm sure there are so many times he "pretends" to sleep just
to see what my reaction will be.
When all along He sees my actions, my words, my thoughts.
He sees when someone's talking about a person & I choose to join in.
He sees when I'm running late & I choose to speed.
He sees when I choose to stay in a movie that I know is inappropriate - or when I choose to get up and walk out.
He sees when I recognize I got too much change back
and I keep it - or I give it back.
He sees when I forgot to pay for that teeny tiny item
in the bottom of my cart ... or go back in and make it right.
He sees me when _____________insert any decision you want.

I'm sure He's hoping that each time
He "squints" to check on me,
that I'm doing what is pleasing to Him.
Just like my Autumn did.


  1. What a very thought provoking post. And such a good point!

  2. wow. I love reading your blogs. I pray that I learn a lot from you when I get to become a parent. :)

  3. I love it. you're such an amazing woman of God [:

  4. You're so good! I'm going to write a blog about your blog. I really am. Thankful for you! :)

  5. Thanks Ashley. It's started me thinking about the "small stuff" a lot!
    Tosh, you are so sweet. You're gonna make a great momma!
    Kristina, I love you dear. :)
    Dear, thanks. I'm thankful for you too. I wouldn't have lick of creativity in me if it weren't for you!