Saturday, April 24, 2010

April In Review
Love it.
So I thought you'd like to see how we've kicked it off.

Daddy teaching Easton the rules of the game.
Playdates with friends.  
I love having best friends with kids the same age.
Eastons first game of WallBall. Look at his face!
The best friend brought her miracle, Landon Matthew into the world.
Dowtown Park: Oaks By The Bay
Easton pitching it at Oaks By The Bay
His new phase: "I hate to leave ANYWHERE"
Autumns awesome fashion sense.
My first time joining "Toms One Day Without Shoes"
Easter Sunday
Bayou Joe's for dinner
Could we live in a more beautiful place. Seriously?
Sitting on the deck eating dinner.
Can you see me & Easton shooting?
It's a water gun they give the kids to keep the birds away while you're eating.
They also give you bread to feed the fish while you're eating.
You gotta try Bayou Joe's!

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