Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Few Minutes

So, I was informed by my husband that he really wanted me to watch the FSU vs Clemson game with him tonight. 

I thought I could get out of watching the game by baking him goodies. By making him some game food. Cleaning the living room so he could enjoy the game in peace. Even talking Autumn & Easton into watching a movie in our room.


So around 5:00 I started thinking of ways to get out of this game.
Here's some thoughts that popped in my head:
* Easton isn't feeling well so I need to go lay down with him for "a few minutes"
* My stomach hurts so I'm gonna be in the bathroom for "a few minutes"
* Aundrea has had a bad day and needs me to call her for "a few minutes"
* I forgot to pay the bills this week, so I need to go on the computer for "a few minutes"
* You have no clean underwear for church so I need to wash clothes for "a few minutes"

And the more I thought about it.... none of those would work. Cause none of them were true. I cleaned the house today. I finally found the bottom of my laundry basket. For all I know, Aundrea's had a great day. Easton is wide awake and feeling fine. And my stomach isn't rumbling or tumbling.

So, I am sitting here watching the game with my husband. I promised I'd get off this computer in a few minutes, so I better end this post for today. Plus, it's not as bad as I thought.

But I must say, if he ever wants our bedroom to look like this, I'm drawing the line.

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  1. Haha. thankfully Nathan never asks me to watch football games with him. But if I did I guess I would suck it up and try. :)