Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marry The One

Marry the one you have prayed for. 
The one you have prayed over. 
This is the most important decision, second to salvation, 
you will ever make. 
Bring it to the throne room. 
Time and time again. 

Marry the one whose eyes are fixed on Him. 
Your relationship should bring you closer to the Savior, not further apart. 

Marry the one who will fight alongside you. 
Life will get tough. 
Trenches can be deep. 
And full of countless hurdles.
But when walking with your partner, they will seem much more bearable.

The one you marry will be your partner in ministry. 
Know in your heart that your ministry 
would be far more effective together than apart. 

Marry the one who you know prays for you when you ask them to. 

Marry the one who causes you to know the heart of the Father more. 
The one who dwells in the secret places. 
And brings you with them. 

Who you marry will be the mother or father to your children. 
Marry the one who you want to raise mighty men and women of God with.

Marry the one who makes you laugh like no one else.

Marry the one whose vision lines up with yours.
Whose eyes sparkle when you speak of your passions.
The one whose heart beats for the same things. 

Marry the one who protects you above all others. 

Marry the one who stares at you across the room,
 and before you look, you know who it is.

Marry the one who encourages, uplifts, respects and honors you. 

Marry the one who will make your weakness their strength. 
And one who you will be strong for, when they are not. 

Marry the one who you could not imagine your life without. 
The one that makes you cringe, your heart hurt and your soul weep when you think of your life absent of them. 

Marry a gentle spirit. 

Marry the one not only encourages your dreams, but helps put them to flight. 
Your dreams will become their dreams. 
Your hopes will become their hopes. 
Your desires will become their desires. 

Marry the one who might spill punch on your dress 
during your wedding reception. 
And you can't yell at him. 
But you don't really want to.
Because it's just not that important.  

Marry a peacemaker. 
Especially if you are not. 

Marry the one who grieves when your heart hurts. 
Who rejoices in your victories. 
Who celebrates the small stuff. 

Marry someone whose life matches their words.

Wait patiently. 
And trust in the Lord.
With ALL your heart. 
Settle for nothing less than God's best. 

And when you marry the one
Fight for your marriage like you have never fought before. 
Love like you have never loved before. 
And give like you've never given before. 
Choose again and again to marry them. 
Choose to love them every day. 
Choose to fight every day. 
And thank the Lord for giving you the one your heart desired. 

Lord, thank you for my one.