Monday, May 16, 2011

My Top 5 Five - Armed and Dangerous

This past week, I headed to Nashville for a Pastors Wives (PW) retreatLeading and Loving It outdid themselves. 
I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments of the week.

#1 Hugs from Lori. 
Seriously, she's a good hugger. 
And she's an even better friend. 

#2 Small Groups
Lisa Hughes emailed a few weeks ago & asked if I'd lead a small group. I had no idea what that meant when I agreed!  The L&LI team had separated our tables into ministry roles.At the end of each teaching session, I had the privilege to speak life into and provoke conversation with 9 other student/children PW's. Can I tell you that they spoke just as much into me. These ladies love the Lord, their husbands, and their students. 

#3  Mission Impossible.
L&LI  went all "Amazing Race" on us. 
They had the clues, the checkpoints, Top Secret manilla folders. 
We were running around 11 blocks of
downtown Nashville hollering at people on the street to 
help us find Dolly Pardons star .... what's Nashville's 
famous candy (GooGoo's)? where's Riverside Park?
They even had us learning a line dance & 
perform it at the park in order to get our next clue! 
We all had our matching shirts on. 
I swear people thought we were really on Amazing Race. 
They were snapping pics. 
It was hilarious. And exhausting! 

#4 Worship
Brandi Wilson had some of her team come lead us PW's in worship. If you're in ministry, you know you often have one eye open during worship. There's various reasons for this, but nonetheless, it's hard to fully engage. Can I tell you that from the first beat, I was gone. I was lost in worship. I didn't have kids. I didn't have responsibilities. I just had me & my Jesus. Kate Carlson & Trish Davis did a beautiful job of leading us to the throne. I think there was a small angelic chorus in that room - as many times the music would stop and the voices continued to sing. It was like heaven opened up for just a moment. My heart was full. My tears flowed. And my spirit was refreshed. 

#5 Community
I went to this retreat knowing 3 people in real life. 
Lori, Brandi and Steph
But amazingly, that small barrier didn't change a thing. There's a common bond, a tie that binds, an instant connection with PW's. We all are working for the same thing. We all have similar struggles. We all have husbands who have given their life for the call. And, We all know that the great reward is so worth the small sacrifice. 


  1. I love, love, love you Joy! Thanks for this awesome post! And thanks so much for sharing at Retreat!

  2. I. Love. U. I miss u even more!!!

  3. HAHA! Some of your tops 5 are similar to my top 10! Loved getting to meet you girls in person. And your screaming when you saw me in the lobby made my day, probably my year!!!! LOL

  4. LOVED getting to see you again at the retreat! so so so so glad you had a blast and enjoyed your time away.

  5. So glad I got to meet you at the retreat! Looking forward to keeping in touch!