Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 11

Despite what my daughter is telling people ...
"I homeschool, so I kind of have Spring Break all year long" ...
Our Spring Break is over.

I kind of made her pay for it and her schooling yesterday was a bit rough.
Ah well. She'll be fine!

Anyway, here's what our Spring Break looked like.

Park With Friends

NighTime Kickball Game With Our Leadership Team
We played kickball, the kids played in the dirt :)

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

 (The winning team for the tourney)

Played A Lil Scrabble

We practiced our "Bieber Face"
You know, in case we ever see him. Haha. 

Danced In The Yard

Watched A Moon That Looked Smaller Than Normal From Our View :)

And We Rode In The Sunshine A Lot

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