Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddys Day

Reasons why I love that this man
is the father to our children

#1 He disciplines them in love, yet with a firm grip.

#2 He spends quality time with them.
I've learned it's not quantity that matters so much.

#3 He swims the length of our pool underwater,
with an 8 year old attached to his back.

#4 He reads the childrens bible to our kids often.
Not every night, but often.
And he is always the one who does the reading.

#5 He speaks highly of me in front of my children.

#6 He prays with Autumn every night before bed
and they have a daddy/daughter "tuck in" routine.

#7 He lets Easton jump into the pool to him over, and over,
and over, and over, and over again.

#8 He secretly checks on our children every week
during their church services/classes.
They only know he is there when they are misbehaving :)

#9 He says "I love you" to them often.

#10 He shows them how a Godly man
is supposed to love and respect a woman.

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